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Insite i2

  • A Monitoring, Controlling & Tracking device that:

  • Delivers easily customizable notification alarms to mobile phones via Low Cost SMS text messages.


  •  Responds to SMS messages by activating & deactivating switches, and returning measurements & GPS tracking information.



  • Monitoring that sends SMS TEXT alarm messages to multiple mobile phones.

  • Quad Band GSM.

  • Power outage and recovery alarm.

  • Ambient temperature sensing with High, Low and In-Range reporting.

  • Records & reports maximum and minimum Temperatures

  • Up to four phone numbers per monitored device state.

  • Built-in Wireless Personal Area Network (WiPAN) allows wireless remote sensing.

  • Monitors up to upto 8 contact inputs  in any combination of wired or wireless connections.

  • Remote control of up to 6 output controls.

  • Two telemetry channels with user-scaled data readout.

  • Optional built-in GPS tracking

  • Door Entry delay.
  • Machine to machine control

  • Optional wireless connected Passive Infra Red (PIR) Motion sensors available.

  • Optional InsiteFleet monitoring system software with Google MAP (optional) asset tracking.

  • Backup battery

  • No monitoring service or fees required – just a SIM Card.